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Private Sessions
Healing & Empowerment

A Unique Blend of Modalities

Personalized for Your Unique Journey

Intuition Medicine® 

Spiritual Self Mastery


Clinical Hypnotherapy


Move Forward into
Your Next Level of Expansion
Personally, Professionally,
Move Beyond Feeling Stuck
in a Situation, with work,
or with Life in General
Let go of disempowering
thought patterns,
behavior patterns, & emotions
Move Beyond Feeling Stuck
in a Situation, w/Work,
or w/Life in General
Awaken to your Innate Divinity,
Your Inner Wisdom 
& Magic
Transcend/Transform/progress forward into
Self-Healing, Self-Mastery, and Personal Empowerment
Expand into Your Next Level
of Healing & Growth
Move Forward Towards 
More Freedom & Joy 
what private sessions can work on

What Private Sessions 

Can Work On

Private sessions can work on just about anything as described here. 

Intuitive Energy Readings & Energy Work


We will optimize your energy bodies and systems such your chakras, aura, Spiritual Incarnation System and more. This includes using your Life Force Energy, Kundalini, Earth Energy or different frequencies of Divine Light,


Clear cords, other attachments, and deeper energetic imprints within you. Create more inner non-duality and balance. Embody more of your Life Force Energy and Higher Self.


Awaken to higher planes of consciousness and to the Divinity that exists within you and all around you, 


See What Your Spirit May Show Me below for more examples.

Personal Challenges


Physical issues. Relationships. Limiting thought patterns, emotional patterns & behavior patterns. Career and Work related issues.

Note: For physical ailments, I often use mind-body techniques to guide clients into self-discovery & self-healing of underlying energetic imprints related to the physical issue. At the same time I may intuit messages from the spirit on how to work with the issue energetically. I have found mind-body work to be very self-empowering for clients. 

Career. Profession. Personal Goals

Discover your passions and dreams, a profession that aligns with your soul's purpose. Create realistic goals and healthy next steps. Work on a particular issue personally, at your job or work environment

 Spiritual Growth, Intuition Development,

Self-Healing, Expand Your Consciousness


I help bridge the gap between higher-dimensional planes and 3D reality. Intuit your body's energy systems and what they need for healing and optimizing. Tap into your inner wisdom, your higher self. Channel different Divine-Light frequencies for self-healing and transformation. Shift into higher planes of consciousness. Explore consciousness and multidimensionality.


Spiritual Self Mastery

Mentorship & Training

Reiki Treatment

Reiki &

Divine Light Transmissions

Private sessions can work on just about anything
Intuitive Energy Readings & Energy Work
Spiritual Growth & Intuition Development
Self-Healing, Expanding Your Consciousness
Personal & Career Challenges & Goals

Each session takes place in
an expansive space of Divine love & light
What Your Spirit Shows Me
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