About Dina


Hello! I'm Dina. I use a unique blend of intuitive energy work, spiritual mentorship and training, hypnotherapy, and life coaching, to help clients in their journey through self-discovery, self-healing, and spiritual awakening.


I assist those who are ready to move forward in their personal and professional lives with more ease, grace, and joy.

I also specialize in hands-on, hands-off, and distance energy work with transmissions of divine light to help clients relax, rebalance, and revitalize their energies, supporting the self-healing of their emotional, mental, and energy bodies.


I have dedicated my life to helping others, assisting them in breaking through the barriers of what’s holding them back.

I create a sacred and compassionate space for my clients to feel safe in their journey of unfolding, transforming, releasing, and renewing.

For many years I have had a deep spiritual and meditation practice, awakening more and more to my own divinity and the divinity around me.


I work closely with my higher self and with high-level spiritual mentors both on the earth and etheric planes as I continue my lifelong passion of personal and spiritual evolution and to expand my abilities in creating a loving, compassionate space for my clients.

I am currently working towards a doctoral degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine which I will add to my repertoire of therapies.

I received a BA in Art from San Jose State University with additional classes and training in technical writing, editing, and science. 


I also received training and certification from highly regarded institutions and teachers in the following therapies:

Masters Certification in Intuition Medicine®:

From the Academy of Intuition Medicine®, a 2-year program which I participated in 3 times. I currently tutor new students.


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist: Hypnotherapy Training Institute. Certification #116-038 by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

Certified ​Life Coach:

Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach Institute

Certified Sophia Circle Journey™ Facilitator

For officiating and leading Sophia Circle Journeys™ through The Sophia Code® sacred text

WLCT badge_116x112.png
Official SC Certificate - DinaMalay_Smal

Certified Practitioner in Reiki I, II, and Master Level:

Vibrant Reiki (Reiki I & II certification)

Angels of Light Reiki (Masters certification)

My Personal Journey


Since early childhood I have felt connected to the divine realm having mystical experiences and expanded states of consciousness.

Through years of meditation and mentoring with highly-awakened spiritual masters and spirit-guide light beings, I evolved to embody and awaken to my own divinity. I love to assist others in doing the same, in finding their own inner light, their ability to self-heal and walk a path in resonance with their divine purpose in life.

For nearly two decades I worked as a technical writer and editor mostly in high-tech and mostly in the medical-devices industry. I designed and developed technical and user guides, as well as training curriculum including training guides and videos. I also trained customers and employees on how to use the products,


I also spent time volunteering in non-profit organizations as an educational and crisis counselor. In 2013 I left the high-tech and non-profit worlds to focus 100 percent on my spiritual practice and helping others by using various healing modalities and guided meditation.

I am so grateful to all of my spiritual teachers and mentors, some of which include Dr. Melissa Sophia Joy N.D., Kaia Ra, Mirabai Devi, Francesca McCartney, Michael Gabriel, M.A., and Matthew Engel, MSW, CHt.