Mind-Body Somatic Therapy


Helping You Move Forward
in Your Personal and Professional Life!

Let go of disempowering

thought patterns,

behavior patterns, & emotions,

Uncover your inner wisdom,

your passions, your dreams.

Discover healthy next steps & solutions

that feel empowered

and in alignment

with your true nature.

Make healthy choices

that are in harmony

with what feels good

in your heart.


​​You may be feeling stuck and need help moving forward...

in your personal life, work life, or business. Maybe you need help making an important decision or managing a big life change.


Or perhaps you aren't ready for change just yet and just want to explore deeper parts of yourself to uncover your passions and dreams. Perhaps you feel you're meant to do something in life and need help figuring it out.

I believe each person has the power to transform, make good choices for themselves, and live a balanced, joyful life. But our past experiences, limiting beliefs, and habits can prevent us from doing so.

These obstacles often reside deep within us, in our subconscious, which holds our memories, emotions, and habit patterns.

As we access these obstacles deep within us, we can begin to let go of them and tap into our inner wisdom, the wisdom that guides us towards making more meaningful choices, choices that can lead to more fulfilling work, gratifying relationships, and satisfying lives.

Rates for Hypnotherapy,

Mind-Body Therapy, Coaching

Free 15-minute consultation

to discover if working together is a good fit for you.

$110 for 1 to 1.5 hours

(No tip, just $110)