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Sophia Cicles

Sophia Circle Journeys®

Try the 1st Class for Free!


I am officially certified by Kaia Ra to lead this 13-class transformational journey through The Sophia Code®. These journeys are now online, You are welcome to experience the first class for free.


The Sophia Code® is a living transmission and sacred text that gracefully initiates you into embodying more of your higher self and into the remembrance of your innate divinity, It is a modern Mystery School blueprint for accepting your sovereign divinity through the heart of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness.

When you decide to work with The Sophia Code® you begin a powerful mentorship journey with our Divine Feminine Ascended Masters. Each of these Keycode mentors have walked the same heroic human journey that you are on now. Their mentorship reveals how possible it is to live in your highest divine potential every day.

With each Sophia Circle, you gift yourself with a powerful and loving, compassionate space where you may listen from your heart and dive deep into unfolding, releasing, self-exploration, and self-empowerment, witnessed by the Divinity within you and all around you.


I hope you join us for this amazing journey!

What We Do In Each Circle

Enlightenment is the Light Within
  • Opening ceremonial prayers and blessings. Invocations of each Divine Feminine ascended master: White Buffalo Woman, Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, and the Sophia Dragons​

  • Water Prayer with Quan Yin: Because water is a conduit for blessings and vitality, a prayerful water practice can support you creating a more empowered relationship with your health, your body

  • Silent prayer and meditation to open your heart in communion with your Higher Self, Ascended Masters, and Sophia

  • Group readings of The Sophia Code®: We read aloud selected passages from a chapter in The Sophia Code®. Each of the 13 circles will explore a different chapter

  • Silent reflection and journaling on a given question related to a selected passage that the group had read aloud

  • Group sharing of reflections

  • Silent prayer and closing meditation

  • Ceremonial closing of sacred space with group prayer

How To Get Started

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  • Try the 1st Circle for free!

  • Check back for dates and times 

  • Limited to about 8 participants. All are welcome (not just for women). You must be 18 or older

  • You'll need The Sophia Code® book by Kaia Ra for group readings and to read & receive its transmissions between classes. Get the sacred text here: The Sophia Code®

  • All classes are on Zoom. You must be visible on camera, so reliable internet service is required


  • A 20-30 minute exploratory call is required before or after the 1st circle to determine if the Sophia Circle Journey® is a good fit for you

  • Contact Dina with any questions or to schedule an exploratory call​

- Check Back for Dates and Times -

Try the 1st Circle for free!



Sophia Circle Journey®

13 Circles

1st class is free


Payment Plan Available

What to Bring to Each Circle

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  • Be in a private and quiet space, free from distraction, where you can receive the transmissions and blessings during each Circle

  • The Sophia Code® book for group readings

  • Journal and pen

  • Water in a water bottle for the Quan Yin water blessings

"Dina and her Sophia Circle Journey® guided me back to connecting with my higher self and Sophia God in the most loving and transformational way. Dina's strong divine feminine presence and soft essence always makes me feel safe to trust the divine process occurring throughout the Journey.

I am more whole on a soul level because of her guidance!

In the abundance of divine feminine leaders to choose from, I would choose Dina over and over again to support my sacred path.  She always respects and guides me to embrace my own divine light and wisdom.

No doubt, Dina is a powerful spiritual leader and healer yet she always uses a humble approach to activate the most profound and enlightening awakenings of my hidden gifts I now get to share with others. I am truly blessed to have been guided to this angel on earth!"

~Toni Strauja

Welcome new Sophia Code initiate's. This class and book was calling for me, the instructor Miss. Dina Malay, was the goddess who guided us on this Sophia Circle Journey. She is one of the most kindest, wisest, compassionate human beings I have ever met. She knows how to facilitate a class to where everybody is heard. She is a very gentle soul with God's loving grace . Also you will be meeting wonderful, creative and magical people in your class. The whole experience was a god-send. I highly recommend this class facilitated by Miss. Dina!

Have a wonderful Journey!

~ A.C.

Dina lays the foundation to lead a heart-centered and safe Sophia Circle Journey for all participants! You will grow and learn so much from the treasures that this codex holds.
Dina is a skilled facilitator who holds space for all participants. The sessions are guided skillfully with ease. There are moments of journaling, envisioning, reading together and more. You will feel supported as you journey with the Mentors of the Sophia Code as you intimately become acquainted with each one. This is a very loving and cherished circle! 
I highly recommend the Sophia Circle Journey with Dina Malay!
~ Alyssa  

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