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Intuitive Energy Work

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​​​​What is Hands-On Intuitive Energy Work?

I specialize in energy work with transmissions of divine light using a hands-on method derived from ancient healing traditions where I call universal beneficial energies into my hands, such as Reiki or other divine light, and transfer them to the client using gentle touch or by placing my hands near the client.


These energies are very relaxing and rebalancing and can help support self-healing of the body and mind.


During each session I may feel or intuitively sense imbalances in the client's physical body or energy systems, and I help rebalance them. I may also sense intrusive energies and remove them.

Where I place my hands is based on my intuitive guidance and any issues the client wants to work on, such as physical issues. I also use standard hand positions used in the Reiki tradition of energy work.

During each session I hold sacred space and the highest intentions for my client, for the energies and divine light to assist them for their highest good and with ease and grace.

Sessions are given with the client fully clothed and lying on a massage table. I do not massage or manipulate the client's body.

Why Do People Come for

Energy Work?

Most people come for:

  • Relaxation and stress reduction

  • Rebalancing of the mind and body

  • Restoration and revitalization

  • Emotional balance and release

  • Spiritual transformation and awakening

  • Overall general well being

What Do People Feel During a Session?


Different people experience energy and light a little differently. Some common experiences are sensations of warmth and gentle tingling, deeply soothing, calming, and balancing. Some people may feel positive emotions such as joy and love. Some feel the energy and light flowing through them and may feel deeply supported as if being held by the energy and light.

Some may enter a dream-like state, perhaps seeing colors, images, or scenes. Some recall past experiences where deep-seeded emotions surface and get released. Others report profound spiritual experiences.

Others feel very little during a session and still notice changes at the end of the session or days afterwards, such as feeling calmer, more peaceful, more balanced, or more energized.

During the days after a session, people may continue to feel the effects of the energy and light and may continue to experience transformation.

​​​​​​​​Rates for Hands-On Energy Work

Free 15-minute consultation

to discover if working together is a good fit for you.

$110 for 1 hour

(No tip, just $110)


Each session includes a short intake to discuss your intentions for the session followed by the energy work for the remainder of the hour.


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