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The Next Sophia Circle Journey® 

Begins Summer 2021


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I am truly honored to lead these 13-class 

transformational journeys

through The Sophia Code® sacred text

These small-group journeys are now online.

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Private Sessions

A Unique Blend of Therapies

Intuition Medicine®

(Intuitive Energy Work)

For those seeking energy clearing and balancing, strengthening of chakras, aura, and energy meridians. Clearing cords, other attachments, and deeper imprints. Amplifying and balancing your masculine-feminine energies and other dualities.


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Intuition Medicine® & Distance Intuitive Energy Work


Intuition Medicine®

plus Spiritual Mentorship

& Lightworker Training 


In addition to the Intuitive Energy Work described above, you will learn to channel and magnify your own divine energies including your life force energy and kundalini.


You will also learn to channel different frequencies of divine light for self healing and raising your vibration. These sessions are ideal for those wanting to expand their ability to intuit and self-heal for self empowerment, transformation, and spiritual awakening.


For more information: The SpiritualLightworker™ Mentorship & Training


Mind-Body Somatic Therapy


Move beyond feeling stuck in a situation or with life in general. Move forward towards more freedom and joy personally, professionally, and spiritually.


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Hypnotherapy, Mind-Body Therapy, & Coaching


"Dina is a very intuitive healer and receives a great deal of valuable information. She has helped me with specific issues I sought support on including helping me overcome things from my past that were holding me back. She has a very gentle way and only works on things I am ready for help with. She is also very compassionate and empathetic, sharing her life experiences with me to help with similar issues. She shares openly and honestly and has helped me on numerous occasions clean up relationship and energetic issues that were too big for me to deal with alone. Dina is an absolute joy to work with and sincerely wants the best for you. I highly recommend."  ~Amanda

"Dina has helped me navigate so many areas of my life: building my business, improving my relationships, and tearing down limiting beliefs around money. Dina always creates a place that feels safe to bring anything into a session, and her compassionate, gentle way in helping me to my own solutions are always such simple, powerful, eye opening revelations. Dina has helped me become less worried, less stressed, less fearful, more in the moment, more creative, and more energetic. I can't recommend her enough!"  ~Allan Santos

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